Expenzing connects all the dots.

Expenzing streamlines travel expense management for your company. It is a travel expenses SaaS (software as a service). Expenzing Travel Expense Manager is an intelligent software platform that integrates travellers, approvers, travel desks, travel agents, travel suppliers, and finance to minimize miscommunication and maintain integrity. Redundant trips and wasteful cancellations are reduced, travel is with authorised vendors and entitlements based, and travellers operate within the prescribed processes and systems. Money is saved. And time too.

Travel Expense Management Software by Expenzing

Now with an inbuilt Tax Saver!

When your company reimburses an employee for travel expenses, there's likely to be a tax component in his receipts. Expenzing’s travel expense management software, cleverly calculates the tax amount based on a really smart rules engine that applies different rules to different countries and expense types. So Accounts Payables gets a neat MIS report of taxes paid indirectly through employees and can then offset this amount against the company's tax obligations.

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