Stop travel wastage

There's inefficiency, miscommunication, misunderstanding, misuse, and even misappropriation in manually managed travel operations and spends. The result is travel wastage. For example, redundant or low ROI trips, delayed bookings, reschedules and cancellations, and redundant hotel nights. Improper understanding of corporate travel policy also leads to travel wastage.

Business logic. Applied well.

Travel policy needs to be implemented strictly. Travel budgets need proactive management. And financial controls need to be applied through the length and breadth of a widely distributed enterprise. Expenzing Travel Expense Manager is the ally of finance that maintains the logic of policy and process through the organization.

travel expense report

Paper trail recorder

Our software keeps track of paper documents such as receipts associated with a trip. Accounts can easily match back and forth between the electronic trail and physical documents. Comes in handy during audits.

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Travel policy enforcement.

Entitlements can be set up based on roles and employee grade. Employees are guided by the system to plan trip components that are policy aligned. A powerful feature of our system is the ability to handle exceptions to policy with exception based routing or exception flagging.

tracking expenses

Implement budget control discipline.

Travel spends tend to always go north of travel budgets. Expenzing Travel Expense Manager comes with an option budget control module that plays the role of a 24x7 financial controller. Avoid overruns on your travel budget.

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Supplier invoice checking

The system generates a unique Trip ID for all approved trips. Makes it easy to match supplier invoices with prices quoted at the time of booking. Speeds up supplier payments and prevents billing errors slipping through.

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