It can't get easier for managers.

mobile expense management

Mobile Expense Management

Approve or disapprove expenses or expense reports on mobile.

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Faster approvals

Team's expense reports are not delayed or kept on hold.

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Email approver

Managers need not be reminded of approval again. Approve trip requests and expense reports from mail without logging in to Expenzing.

Accounts Payable will have time on their hands.

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Eliminate errors

Accounts teams now save time and reduce errors.

expense management software

Faster cycles

Expense loop is closed on time. No disputes on unsettled claims.

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Accounting integration

Generating accounting enteries that can be easily imported by accounting systems like SAP, Oracle financials, Infor, JD Edwards.

expense tracking

Send back

Accounts Payable can send back an expense for correction if it does not meet entitlement policy.

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Offsetable taxes

Track recoverable taxes and consolidate recoverable taxes from multiple reports.

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