Expense management is a numbers game.

Employee expense management can be quite an irritation, even hurtful. Employees incur expenses to do their jobs. Local conveyance, small value purchases, meals, long distance phone calls, and we're told even flowers for the boss's wife. Take the number of employees in your organization, who have such expenses, it could be hundreds or even tens of thousands. Multiply that by an average number of expense reports created monthly by an employee which in our estimate is 4 and you get a rather large number of expense reports that need to be approved, processed, adjusted against advances, and reimbursed. Think of the pressure on Accounts Payable and the processing cost of all those claims. Add in the frustration of employees with delayed reimbursements. See what it adds up to. Ouch.

Expenzing crunches the numbers and the expenses.

Expenzing Employee Expense Controller is employee expense management software that automates the complete expense chain from expense report creation through manager approvals to reimbursements. Spend to reimbursement cycles are faster, process visibility is high, finance control and management control are high while employees are less stressed.

Introducing pre-approvals for employee expenses!

Cost control has become a strategic imperative and many firms are putting in processes to make employees answerable to expenses before they are incurred. Expenzing allows for pre-approvals to be built into employee expense workflows. Employees and employers both relish avoiding the discomfort of questioning an expense when it is too late to reverse the spend. Companies enjoy real savings due to avoidance of redundant expenses.

Employee Expenses Management Software by Expenzing

Your employees will love using this

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Create and submit expense reports from anywhere with Expenzing Mobile App.

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Never lose a receipt again with Expenzing's digital wallet. Travelers can even mail receipts into the e-wallet.

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Create expense reports in multiple global currencies and then convert them automatically to a preferred currency.

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"Click and stick" receipts to expense reports. It's that easy.

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Employees can mark expenses as paid by corporate credit card.

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Employees can see the progress of their reports along the expense chain reducing query handling time by Accounts Payable.

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