employee time management

Employee time management is complex.

Employees can end up using work hours inefficiently. They miss-out on prioritizing tasks and sometimes even misuse work hours. Organizations, whether big or small need to streamline and monitor employee time.

It's easier with intelligent time management solutions.

A mature time management system will make work simple and efficient for everyone in an organization. With Expenzing Timesheet Tracker evaluate time spent on projects, get data insights and enhance capacity planning.

time and attendance management

Get detailed breakdown data.

Timesheet Tracker can record many parameters like start and end date, time utilized on each tasks, type of client, project or task, billable or non-billable and cost- centre.

project management time tracking

Ensure timely project completion.

Managers can access deviation data like delays, time deviation, unfilled defined hours, non - compliance highlights and enforce the right formats to ensure smooth and timely project completion.

project time management

Optimize billing.

Account teams can track details of billable days, hours across multiple locations and projects to bill accurately.

timesheet management solutions

Manage multiple projects.

Enhance profitability by efficiently managing employees across multiple projects, locations, clients and time-zones from a single system.

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