Discipline your spending.

Manufacturing businesses optimize their direct procurement and the manufacturing processes that direct procurement feeds into. Indirect spends are however neglected even though they contribute up to 50% of total purchases. Service businesses have little or no automation to manage purchases. Expenzing Procure to Pay Software regulates indirect spends and helps businesses effectively manage their purchases.

Procure To Pay Software

The solution is good for procurement processes, tight controls, and automation. Our vendor spend management suite brings these together in three cloud based products for indirect spend optimization enhancing the procure to pay processes.

corporate expense management

Expenzing Procurement Manager

Systematic. That's the Expenzing Procurement Manager in one word. Systematic record of vendors, or procurers, and procured items. Systematic workflows and controls. Systematic MIS.

expense reimbursement software

Expenzing Invoice Manager

Tight control. That's what Expenzing Invoice Manager brings to the invoice authorization process. Automated checks from Purchase Order to Goods Received Note to Invoice. So invoices are authorized only when quality, rate, and terms are as per the original PO.

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