Put an end to petty issues.

Anyone who has worked in a branch office or chain outlet has experienced petty cash problems ‒ usually to do with its availability. And anyone charged with managing petty cash as a Finance professional has also experienced petty cash issues ‒ mostly to do with unauthorized spends or unavailable supportings. Expenzing Imprest Manager is a cloud based software that brings order, accountability, and peace to the everyone involved in the managing, disbursing, spending, or accounting for petty cash.

How it works.

Make it all add up right.

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Record cash expenses on the spot, even when outside the office.

travel and expense management

Stop Unauthorized spends

Disallow spends not approved by the persons specified in authorization matrix.

travel expense reporting

Cash Meter

Monitor imprest cash in real time at each location.

expense travel management

Cash Refills

Optimize cash top-ups without overflowing the cash box or running on empty.

travel and expense management

Imprest Analytics

Know how much branches spend on office maintenance and a myriad other ways to analyze petty cash spends by head, location, and time period.

travel expense reporting

Easy Audit

Auditors can examine branch expenses without leaving the HO. Painless for both auditors and finance team.

expense travel management

Paperless branches

Supportings and vouchers digitally saved in the cloud. Physical copies remain at branches.

travel and expense management

Spend Governor

Set petty cash spend limits for each branch. System prevents overspending.

travel expense reporting

Easy Accounting

Spends are easily accounted for under correct heads consistently across all branches.

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