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Create and submit expense reports from anywhere with Expenzing Mobile App.

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Capture expense receipts on mobile camera and save it digitally in the eWallet.

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A huge time saver and productivity enhancer at work.

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Reimbursements get closed without much dispute. Thanks to the payment tracker.

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Create expense reports in multiple global currencies and then convert them automatically to a preferred currency.

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"Click and stick" receipts to expense reports. It's that easy.

It can't get easier for managers.

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Approve or disapprove expenses or expense reports on mobile.

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Team's expense reports are not delayed or kept on hold.

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With Email Approver, approve expense reports from within the notification email.

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Teams are now completely in sync with the finance vis-a-vis expense reports.

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Be transparent with the team and be process control centric.

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Teams have simple tasks and hence their productive time is saved.

Accounts payable will have time on their hands.

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Accounts teams now save time and reduce errors.

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Expense loop is closed on time. No disputes on unsettled claims.

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Thanks to self serve and instant activation software implementation is very quick.

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Where required paper documents are tagged and tracked in the system.

CFOs and Finance teams are in control.

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With dual workflow finance is in synch with expense approvers.

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Automatic allocation of costs to the right cost centre based on user and expense head.

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Predefined and thoughtfully designed expense reports gives insights into the employee expense patterns.

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Auditors can extract the audit trail very easily.

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Excellent visibility into the spend patterns to guide policy making.

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