The Management Of Expense Management

However much we may want to wish them away, expenses are a part of the basic operations of an organisation. People have to buy supplies, travel, visit suppliers or clients, work late and hire cabs to get somewhere. There are many low value spending decisions that are taken by a large number of people often frequently. So the economic effect of all these decisions can be quite large. Management
or the administration realising this usually have a set of policies that help individuals take the low value spend decisions so that leakages and waste is minimised. But too often the questions are raised after the horse has bolted. So what makes for a robust expense management system?

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About Ila Imani, CEO @Expenzing

Ila has over 25 years of experience in the industry, working in the field of business process and automation enhancement. Prior to founding Nexstep Infotech, she has worked with 3 organizations in the area of system analysis and design. She overlooks the product direction at Expenzing and takes a keen interest in changing technology trends and business requirements of clients. Ila is an IIM-C alumni with a specialization in Systems. She is deeply involved in several social causes, loves to travel and read.