How Is Expenzing Different From Other TEM Solutions?

The title of this blog is the question we are asked very often at Expenzing. Recently, the CFO of a large corporation asked us; this was after his team presented him the shortlisted Expense Management Solutions. No points for guessing, we were one of them, while the other was an international product.

Before I launch into the answer, here is a disclaimer – firstly, I am no expert on every product in the market. Second, I do know what’s unique to us i.e. Expenzing Expense Management. Now here is the answer, which is in five parts:

  • We do understand there is a need and great importance for large enterprises to reduce expenses and bringing in financial controls. We go beyond the objective of “Convenience for Employees”.
    • Do your employees spend in cash? If yes, there are specific ways to reduce the burden on their cash flows.
    • Do your employees invariably turn in their expense reports late? If yes, there are ways to prevent that with Expenzing.
    • Do your bosses or business teams’ feel awkward about “rejecting” an expense claim of a team member? There are ways to handle that too.
  • We localize. We can localize not only the language of your country, but the languages of different regions. We also localize for cultural nuances.
  • We help you recover your indirect taxes paid by employees. Based on the rules of your country, our system helps you recover millions each year with our solution!
  • We are the ONLY solution we know of, where you can PREVENT wrong expenses even before they are incurred, instead of rejecting them! The mantra being – “Prevention is better than cure.”
  • We facilitate compliance aspects of managing paper supportings (paper bills). If your auditors allow you to go paperless, that’s great. In most countries they don’t! So, our solution has specific functionality to ensure you manage this the right way!

The list can go on, but you get the gist.

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About Anjali Desai, COO @Expenzing

Anjali has been in the industry for 20+ years out of which more than 15 years have been with software product companies. She has worked on large national and international projects and has managed team sizes with 100+ members.Anjali is part of the Expenzing team for over 9 years and has been handling Sales since the last 4 years. She has a degree in Engineering and is PMP certified ITIL, 2011 professional. She is a proud mother of two sons, who believes in - parenting being a serious thing and that there is a need to train parents. In her free time, she has started doing some work around this area.

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