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travel expense management

Take direct control of indirect spend.

Which CFO doesn't want the financial discipline and best practices in procurement, invoice and asset management that ERPs promise? Our system automates indirect supplies purchase processes from PO requisition to invoice processing and even asset lifecycle management. It's a control system for workflow which means that checks and balances are built in without choking the flow of work. Features not included are a megabuck price tag and an agonizing post purchase configuration cycle. Read More

Reduce travel wastage, not travel.

It takes an intelligent platform that integrates travellers, approvers, travel desks, travel agents, travel suppliers, and finance to minimise miscommunication and maintain integrity. Redundant trips and wasteful cancellations are reduced, travel is with authorised vendors and entitlements based, and travellers don't need to be mavericks.

corporate travel management solutions

Control employee expenses, not employees.

Automate the complete expense chain from expense report creation through manager approvals to reimbursements. Spend to reimbursement cycles are faster, process visibility is high, financial control and management control is high and employees are happier.

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